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2.5″ Glitter Popping Poop (250pcs/box)

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2.5″ Glitter Popping Poop (250pcs/box)

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2.5″ Glitter Popping Poop (250pcs/box)

Poop is all the rage these days, so why not have glittery poop?! In keeping with the emoji ice-cream/pile of poo debate, the flexible commode contains a pile of poo - and not just any pile of poo, but rather a glittery pile of poo in one of several different cheerful, bright colors. Squeeze the toilet bowl and watch your coloured glittery poop pop out.  This toy appeals to people who want to engage in potty conversations in a colorful way. Between the colorful glitter, the rising poo, and the squeezable commode, there is a great deal of hilarity to be had. These toys come in capsuels that are 2.5" in size - which are larger than the standard 2" vending capsules. Comes in a box of 250 capsules. Displays sold separately.

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Additional Product Information

These products are sold in capsules that are 2.5” in diameter – which is larger than the standard 2” vending capsule. The products require a different wheel in order to vend properly. Each box contains pre-filled capsules for your convenience in making them quick and easy to load into your capsule vending machine. There are 250 capsules in each box.

Suggested vend price:
Canada – $2.00
USA – $1.00

The display card is a printed color display with a preview of some of the designs found in the toy series. All displays are sold separately for an additional $1.00.

Shipping: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

Not for children under 3 years.  

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