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Mini Poppers in Bulk

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Mini Poppers in Bulk

The hottest item in retail right now is finally available for your vending machines! Grab these mini poppers now! They are exactly what you need for your machines after the year we have all been through. You can either vend these alone, and mix them in with other stock, using the Poppers are leader items. They can also be used in mini cranes, redemption counters, stackers or simply as impulse buys at the cash register!

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Additional Product Information

4″ Empty Capsules:
357 capsules per package.
7 Colors available- blue, green, yellow, red, pink, orange and purple.
Each capule is half clear plastic so your customers can see what prize they are getting.
Each capsule has a slit opening so it can be repurposed as a bank.

4″ Empty Capsules/ Banks

  • Material: plastic capsules
  • Size 100 mm (4″) diameter
  • 7 colors – blue, yellow, green, red, purple, pink, orange
  • Shape: round
  • Minimum order quantity: 357 capsules (per color)
  • To get the complete set of all 7 colors, the MOQ is 2499
  • 100% recycable

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