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2″ Wacky Animal Races

2″ Wacky Animal Races

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2″ Wacky Animal Races

1-2-3 GO, and we're off to the races with these pull-back animal racers! These toys are classic pullback racecars, but in the shape of a cute animal. Each individual animal has its own set of spring-loaded pull-back wheels. Just pull the race car animal back, let it go, and watch as it zooms straight to the finish line. Featuring six speedy racers: Tiger, Giraffe, Cow, Monkey, Pig & Bunny.  An ideal toy for both boys and girls. Kids will want to collect them all and race each other. Take a victory lap with Wacky Animal Races!  

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Additional Product Information

Every case of product contains a mix of 250 two-inch colored capsules that are pre-filled with 1 toy per capsule, making it convenient and practical to load directly into your bulk vending machine.

These toy-filled capsules are ready to vend and will dispense in bulk vending machines with a 2” capsule vending wheel.

Suggested vend price:
Canada – $1.00
USA – $0.50 – $0.75

The display card is a printed color display with a preview of some of the toys found in the toy mix. All displays are sold separately for an additional $1.00.

Bring more attention to your machines by purchasing a light-up display holder here with your order!

Shipping: Usually ships in 1-2 business days.

Not for children under 3 years.

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