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Funny Bones Candy

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Funny Bones Candy

Get a good laugh out of this sweet and tangy funny bone candy! These candies have bright hard colored coats and come shaped like real bones! This 30lbs mix includes Lemon (Yellow), Cherry (Red), Lime (Green), and Grape (Blue). 1 display included per box.

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Additional Information

Sweet Maple Funny Bones 30lbs / 13,620 Count Bulk Case
Sweet Maple Funny Bones are brightly colored red, blue & yellow candies shaped like exaggeratedly short human femurs. Sweet Maple Funny Bones are a pressed sugar candy that does well in most vending locations and climates. This bulk case of 30 pounds includes a paper display to help pull customers over to your vending machines.

Flavor: Sweet tart flavor
Quantity: 13,620 pieces per case
Weight: 30 pounds
Manufacturer: Sweet Maple

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